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Diabetologists start range of care offerings for adiposity patients
Member physicians of ne National Association of Registered Diabetologists (BVND) of Germany collaborate with general practitioners to launch a project providing telemedical support of adiposity patients.
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Telemedical Coaching helps diabetes patients change their lifestyle
In September, the innovation fund project TeLiPro starts with the AOK as lead manager. The DITG is one of the consortium partners.
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Advisory board named – Dr. Roland Delbos serving as new chairman since October
December 2017
The General Assembly of DITG GmbH resolved to establish a board to advise and support the general management.
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Next Economy Award 2017 – DITG wins in the “Digitality” category
Der Next Economy Award is the German  Sustainability Award for Start-ups.
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“100 Days, 100 Opportunities” – the lifestyle intervention program for patients with type 2 diabetes in the 100-day test
The DITG is presenting the initiative at the MEDICA medical trade fair in collaboration with the German Diabetes Foundation and Beurer GmbH.
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“Dimini”-Project – The DITG develops training tool for diabetes prevention
October 2017
Healthcare policy is taking on diabetes prevention and supporting the “Dimini” project in Schleswig-Holstein and Hessen.
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