The Fundamental Principles of Our Programs

The majority of chronic conditions are the result of the sort of unhealthy lifestyle that is typical in our modern society. The DITG has proven in countless studies that improvements in a patient’s lifestyle have a significant impact on his or her symptoms.

Our telemedical coaching programs empower participants to change their lifestyles themselves; the key is integrating three decisive parameters for success:

  1. Providing information about the illness, because education is vital to long-term improvement.
  2. Motivation to change one’s own behavior and overcome old habits.
  3. Adjusting the therapy and medication with the involvement of the patient’s doctor.

Corporate Group


In addition to the DITG, the DGG – The Digital Health Group – also includes MEDULIFE  and the management company bcs best care solutions.

MEDULIFE develops and operates TeLiPro, the highly scalable disease management software (SaaS). TeLiPro connects patients with their doctors, their health coaches, and other sufferers of their condition; it also provides them with informational content and uses algorithms and AI to support them in making the right therapeutic decisions. More about Medulife =>>

As a management company, best care solutions (bcs) connects medical associations, payer organizations, and partners in the healthcare industry. The focus here is on innovative care concepts, making bcs the ideal partner for MEDULIFE when it comes to scaling and anchoring programs in the healthcare system. More aboutbest care solutions =>


The DITG team is composed of specialists and generalists from a range of different fields. We are united by the goal of using new solutions to successfully tackle chronic conditions.




Janine Berger
Janine BergerSenior Product and Health Manager
Ursula Brix
Ursula BrixHealth Coach
Albert Chapiro
Albert ChapiroSenior Consultant
Nora Leppert
Nora LeppertProduct and Health Manager
Nicole Gebhardt
Nicole GebhardtProduct and Health Manager
Elisabeth Krass
Elisabeth KrassJunior Product and Health Manager
Johanna Loer
Johanna LoerJunior Product and Health Manager
Katja Niedermeier
Katja NiedermeierSpecialist in General Medicine and Diabetologist
Vincent Nierwetberg
Vincent NierwetbergSenior Consultant
Irina Witthake
Irina WitthakeHealth Coach
Mirlinda Zejnullahi
Mirlinda ZejnullahiEmployee Service


The DITG has an extensive network and is a member of many leading healthcare associations and organizations