We develop innovative, digital patient management programs with evidence-based benefits. We support our customers in the process, from developing a concept and evaluating it in the context of studies to implementing entire business models on the market.

Program Development


We develop disease management programs for a range of different chronic conditions. We assess the deficits in a patient’s care, and based on that assessment, we identify options for addressing those deficits with integrated, innovative care concepts.  

Our focus is on digital and telemedical solutions that connect funding agencies across sectors. Our customers generally include pharmaceutical companies, statutory insurance funds, and insurance companies.



One distinguishing feature of our work is that leading medical experts from the fields in question are always involved in the development of our programs, and we subsequently evaluate the programs in the context of studies.

This outcome-focused approach not only reduces risk; it also lays the groundwork for anchoring these programs within the healthcare system over the long term. Public funding and the approval of payers and medical staff depend heavily on this aspect.

Business Model Development


Patient management programs can only succeed in our healthcare system if they offer a measurable advantage for all stakeholders. We develop business models for our customers based on analyses of health economics data

and create projections for the models in various scenarios that can be used as the basis for investment decisions. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience acquiring market access for innovative care programs.

Program Operation


Our goal is to successfully establish our customers’ programs on the market and transition them to day-to-day operations. The programs  we operate in partnership with our two affiliates in the DGG (Digital Health Group): bcs and Medulife. bcs und medulife.

BCS bcs helps make the programs billable by negotiating contracts based on Section 140 of the German Social Code V (SGB V). Medulife provides the technical platform – TeLiPro – where the programs operate.

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