• Kölner Landstraße 11
    40591 Düsseldorf

  • +49 211 9098170

  • info@ditg.de

You will find us at Kölner Landstraße 11, 40591 Düsseldorf, access 5, 3rd floor. The DITG is located in the building of the health forum opposite the main building of Provinzial.

Approach by public transport

Subways U74/U77/U79: Subway station at „Provinzialplatz“

Approach by car

Input in navigation device: Provinzialplatz 1

Parking is available in the parking garage, which is located in the basement of the health forum. The entrance to the parking garage is located on the Kölner Landstraße, 50 meters before the Provinzialplatz. From the underground car park, you can access directly via the access 5 (glass elevator) to the DITG on the 3rd floor.

  • Speicherstraße 49-51
    60327 Frankfurt

  • +49 69 870015700

  • info@ditg.de

Arrival at Frankfurt Central Station, 10 minutes by foot

  • Leave the building by the exit south side and go right.
  • Follow Mannheimer Straße until you cross Hafenstraße, where you turn left.
  • Follow the Hafenstraße until it crosses the Speicherstraße – there you turn right.
  • The office building is on the left side of the street, you will find us on the 2nd floor.

Approach by car

  • Drive to the underground garage entrance of the Speicherstraße 49 – 51.
  • Scroll down the bell to the company “DITG” and ring, we will open.
  • Please drive to the second basement and park in one of the signposted parking spaces (number 56 – 60).